HA180 Tips from the Technical Product Manager
Published on: 21 January 2020Written by: Marketing Communications




  1. Change the refill position with just 1 screw
    Access to refilling the canisters has never been easier than with the HA180. The top refill lid turns open and shuts in just one movement, with magnets stopping the turntable in position. This turns to the right as standard but can just as easily be changed to the left or front by changing one screw.
  2. Lift side panel off effortlessly
    If you need to get to the piston pumps, for instance to replace a seal, opening the side panel is also easy. Simply loosen the top and bottom hex screws, lift the side panel off and you’re done.
  3. Front access to components without disconnecting keyboard
    The front panel is just as easy, for example if your technician needs to replace the gripper module. Simple loosen the two bolts, lift the front panel off and hang it on either side of the dispenser using the handy bracket. You don’t even have to disconnect the mouse and keyboard and you can keep using the operator display.
  4. Hot-swappable gripper module
    We mentioned the gripper module above. Before, you had to unscrew the module, adjust the settings and exchange the faulty part. It could mean considerable downtime before the machine was up and running again. This gripper module actually clicks out and back in again easily, a bit like a printer cartridge. It contains the gripper, motor, electronics and sensors, and is the ultimate hot swappable module. The service engineer can swap the entire old module for a new one and, back in the workshop, diagnose which part of the module is defective.